Gora is a moderately important planet in the Nymean Ascendancy. During the initial Galactic Alliance attacks in the Galaxial War, the planet fell under siege. Hundreds of thousands of troops and Gorans fought on both sides.

The battle was going poorly for the Sith when Trivas and Xiann arrived on the planet. They restructured the entire defense system and positioned troops for an ambush. The Galactic Alliance continued to conquer cities and advance against the Sith lines. What the Alliance commanders did not realize was that this was a trap. The Sith were ready for a counterstrike that cost significant losses for the Alliance. The first major conflict saw 75,000 Alliance casualties and only 25,000 Sith losses.

The Alliance commanders withdrew and prepared for another assault. They managed to trap several small groups of Sith troops in their retreat. They gathered a single force of 70,000 troops and prepared to head off the much smaller Sith army of 40,000 troops. During their advance, the Sith received some scattered reinforcements increasing their numbers to 55,000.

The second major clash on the planet happened outside of Gornium, the capital city of Gora. The Sith were outnumbered, but dug in. The Alliance forces managed to rally around five Jedi who began driving the Sith forces into the city. At that point, Trivas and Xiann were forced to engage to save against a Sith rout.

The seven of them fought for several minutes. When they paused, one Jedi was dead and Xiann was on the ground knocked out. Just before the Jedi were about to overwhelm Trivas, a black cloaked figure joined the fight.

It was a quick and merciless battle. Three Jedi fell in just minutes and the eldest Master, Uvilan Naith was on the ground. After a brief discussion, the Jedi agreed to trade prisoners and withdraw from the planet.

The man who helped Trivas turned out to be the great Sith assassin, Raziel. He had been on the planet helping the Sith secretly after coming out of self imposed exile. Raziel continued to help the Ni'novians for the remainder of the War.