Admiral Benitt was an Imperial Remnant admiral in command of the garrison at Yaga Minor. The Moff of that planet, Moff Yaites, and he had been working together secretly to build up the defenses of Yaga Minor. Their goals were to eventually take over the Imperial Remnant and declare independence from the Order of Sovereignty. To help them, both began secreting funds, supplies, and materials into a new project of theirs. Hidden in the farthest shipyards, an Executor class Star Destroyer was being built to serve as Yaites' command ship.

Their plan began to unravel when a request for reinforcements to Dathomir came in. Benitt was forced to deploy a task force to support what he thought was Dradin Kitsch's army that was supposedly quelling a rebellion on the planet. When he arrived, he found the Sith Lord dead and the young Eliana in command after having ordered an orbital bombardment.

She came aboard and used the Force to manipulate him into thinking there was a revolt about to happen on Ni'novia. She sent him on a longer route to the planet so she could arrive before hand and set up an ambush to suit her needs. Her goals were to make herself look good by stopping a rogue admiral attempting to assassinate the Council.

Instead, Jaden Mustik sensed the threat and evacuated the Council Chambers Building and ordered troops to prepare for an attack. In anger and spite, Eliana called off the attack and had Benitt stay in orbit. Eliana then made it look like it was all an exercise and a misunderstanding to the outside world, and to Benitt, she made it look like she was testing his loyalty.

Nonetheless, the cover ups were not good enough to escape the notice of Inquisitor Reaves who conducted his own investigation and dragged Jaden into it. Benitt attempted to hide his duplicity, but whether or not he has succeeded has yet to be seen.