This was the first major battle that the Sith Navy was involved in after the initial attacks. The battle took place 19 days after Declaration of War and took 26 days to complete.

The battle started out as a draw. The Sith allied fleet managed to break a small hole in the Galactic Alliance blockade, but not completely drive it off. During the first day of fighting, a Nymean task force led by Colonel Xiann managed to board and capture a Galactic Alliance Imperial Star Destroyer at the cost of the frigate Incalculable.

After almost four weeks of skirmishes, a Kuati fleet arrived and the Sith, Corellian, and Kuati fleets were able to drive off the Galactic Alliance fleets and save the Corellian System.

After this event, the Corellians and their allies signed a peace treaty and an alliance with the Ni'novian Empire and aided them in battling the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi.