The Charger was a YT 1300 Corellian light stock freighter. It was stolen by Menglis to be used to smuggle items in and out of Corellia. In 21 ABY, Kracor (Hogas) was promoted by Menglis as captain of the ship. On his first mission as captain, Kracor ran away with the ship to Dorik III, where the ship and its systems were inactive for a year. From then on, it served as Kracor's personal ship until it was damaged beyond repair in 35 ABY when Kracor's fleet battled Menglis' fleet. It was transported back to Ter Benix III where it was scrapped. It was replaced a year later by an exact replica, the Charger II. The second Charger never found much action and is only used by Kracor when he travels from Ter Benix III to Ter Benix IV and vice versa.