Sith Acolyte Decessus

Darth Decessus was a Sith Acolyte and the apprentice of Lord Kracor.


Decessus was born on Byss. His father was a labor slave on Byss since he was a very small child. He never wanted his son to have same fate but they were simply slaves. His mother had died when he was four and after her departure, Decessus had started working with his father on grain fields. They were poor, hungry and weak... but onlyon the "outside".

Decessus' father, Verlioz was an undiscovered enforcer and so was Decessus. They were[[Image: far from the sight of the Imperial Citadel but its power was echoing all day all over the planet. As if the disgusting behaviors of the landlords were not enough, the Emperor and his Dark Side Adepts were draining the life energy from the population. They were resisting against those actions, but Decessus was only a small child. His body was corrupting every passing day. Even the death of the Emperor was not enough to change the situation. The Cloned Emperor had returned and continued all the vile experiments on the innocent inhabitants.

Every passing day, they were being weakened, but all pain and suffering was giving more power to their anger and resolve. Decessus never understood the reason, maybe it was just because of the planet's dark aura, but he was filled with Dark Side while he was only a young boy.

Verlioz was teaching young Decessus fundamentals of the Force on the field. He had learned the basics of telekinesis but nothing more. Because even his father had known that much about Force, their anger against the Dark Side totally filled them with darkness. They had no hope about their future, but this was not preventing them from their emotions, or from the hunger for their freedom. Every day Deessus promised himself they would one day escape. He kept on promising every night and day.

Destruction of ByssEdit

In the morning of his 10th birthday, was wakened by loud blasts. He went outside and saw the sky was filled with destroyers and battleships. The New Republic had come to fight the Cloned Emperor.

Decessus found his father in a mob of slaves storming the local Imperial garrison. Many of the slaves were trying to overthrow their Imperial captors and gain their freedom. During the chaos, Decessus and his father managed to break into a small pleasure landing pad. The ships there had already left filled with rich Imperials wanting to escape the battle and revolt. Fortunately, they found one small ground based pod that could fit only one person. Verlioz tossed his son inside and started the ignition sequence. He stood back and watched his son launch into space and hopefully, safety.


Decessus during destruction of Byss

About 20 minutes after Decessus’ departure, he saw a giant nova coming out of Byss. Afterwards, he learned that the Emperor's flagship, the Eclipse II had rammed the Galaxy Gun, causing the last projectile of the Galaxy Gun to destroy the planet.

When the Imperial survivors found Decessus in the escape pod, he was nearly at the edge of death because of starvation. After he had fully recovered, he learned that he was in bacta therapy for nearly a month after being in the pod for about 8 days. They told him that he was at the Sith Academy on Korriban and said that they had discovered his Force sensitivity.

Time with the SithEdit

He had trained on Academy for 7 years before he was kicked out because of his continuous lack of discipline. The other students even instructors were shunning him from others because of his sick appearance. After he was kicked out, he took his gear including his apprentice lightsaber and headed towards the galaxy. On Nar Shaadaa he made his lightsaber's color change from red to azure to get over the bad memories. In addition, he modified it to make it a real weapon. It was no longer an apprentice lightsaber, it was now the unique StormBringer.



After spending several years as a freelancer, Decessus decided to join a new Sith Order establishing on Ni'novia. He was accepted as an apprentice under the teachings of Lord Kracor. He also joined the Sith Occultists under the leadership of Lord Sycrone, the Nymean Ascendancy under Lord Trivas, and the Soul Assassins under Lord Raziel. He participated in various missions with various companions and promoted to Sith Acolyte.


After losing his special lightsaber on his very last mission appointed by Kracor, he had gone to Ilum to search for a new crystal. Unfortunately, his ship crashed because of a heavy snowstorm on the icy planet. A Sith rescue team found him frozen to death 20 days after his wreck. Decessus died at the age of 45 on Ilum.

Out of Character InfoEdit

  • Decessus means death in Latin.
  • The name "StormBringer" is a tribute to Elric novels written by Micheal Moorcock, the black sword of Elric which siphons victim's soul to give excess power of its wielder. Darth Decessus' appearance is also inspired by Elric himself.
  • Role player uses a major Marvel character, Gambit for character appearance of Decessus.
  • Darth Decessus was the first character of the player on The Sith Council.
  • The role player of Decessus is also the player of those characters; Jedi Master Elric de Odin and deceased Jedi Master Xja Kranon.
  • Also the name of a Black Metal Band Decessus