The League of Shadows is a group publicly founded by Jaden Mustik. It is a group that has been reassigned several times from its duties by the Sith Council, publically. Privately the LoS has always been in it to fix the galaxy ripped apart by war and fear. If Someone Stands in the way of true justice, you simply walk up, and stab them in the heart

Assassination MotiveEdit

The League was an assassin's group when it was headed by Darth Sirius, before his mystical disappearance. Jaden, while on the council, convinced them to let him take over and change the name to League of Shadows. They were to take over the role of an assassin's group.

The group carried out a few assassination for the Empire, but nothing large enough to mention in public or even in this bibliography. The assassination objective did not last long, publicly, due to the fact that there were some weird things going on and the OoS needed a group based on justice.

Justice MotiveEdit

Jaden was approached by the Sith Council, though he no longer sat upon the council, to change the motive of the League from assassination to internal/external justice affairs not regarding treason. The only reason Jaden accepted was because it gave him more chance to get his people where he needed, and access to crucial files that he would need.

It was always the ideals of the League of Shadows to make sure the true justice was upheld anyway, and now they would be able to do that both publically and their way in secrecy.

Plans in SecrecyEdit

Killing on Five WorldsEdit

Jaden had sent his Shadow Hand, Darth Rahvin, after the Prime Minister of Five Worlds in Corellia. The Prime Minister was known as a thieve and corrupt leader, tearing Corellia apart from the seams. Jaden felt that Corellia, for its purpose in his plans, would have to be saved, and if not saved, destroyed.

There was no saving the Minister, so he was targeted for assassination by the League of Shadows, without approval or knowledge of the Sith Council. Rahvin carried out the mission, with great success, and now the League has some of its own people stationed on the planet.

The True Leader of the League of ShadowsEdit

A man by the name of Ra's Al Guhl is the true leader of the League of Shadows, behind the scenes. The only one that knows about him is his greatest student, Jaden Mustik. All others, even the Council, believe that it is headed by Jaden. Even when Jaden dies it will still be publicly headed by another person, Rahvin, but under the control of Ra's Al Guhl.