Lucius Vos was the Jedi Grandmaster during the Galaxial War. Once a Sith known as Scimitar, he renounced his dark ways and joined the Jedi and quickly came to lead the Jedi Order. He is a fierce man who is second to none in personal combat. Only the Sith Lord Scyrone could challenge him in direct combat and hope to see victory.

Vos has fought in several battles since the start of the Galaxial War and has directed the Jedi to many victories. After the War ended, he was captured on Coruscant during the Assault on the Jedi Temple. He was turned over to Siron by Viper and tortured for several months with Sith poison. He was turned loose to fight Trivas who refused to partake in the twisted game. Vos, who was filled with the Sith poison, struck down Trivas and was left for dead after Trivas' body exploded.

After healing himself, he went on a search for those that harmed him and began killing them. He encountered Trivas' spirit and agreed to assist him in various things in return for Trivas' help in killing his targets and reuniting with Zaria Secura to be healed. Unfortunately, Zaria, Vanya Wolfe, and Rachel Hart tracked him down while he was in a bloodlust of rage. In a duel, Vos killed Zaria and was in turn killed by Vanya.