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Article of the Week- The Nymean Ascendancy

The Nymean Ascendancy is a collection of systems within the Unknown Regions near Chiss space. It started as the Nulvarl Empire formed by Dark Jedi Mastal, Trivas, and Jorell. It was founded in 38 ABY after Jorell was defeated by the Ni'novian Empire with Trivas at the head. It was allied with the Sith and Ni'novia for eight years until declaring independence in 46 ABY over several contentions. It is now an independent state that battles both internal and external threats. read more

Did you know…
  • that there was an actually a person in R2-D2 chassis in five of the six Star Wars films?
  • that Haniel writes many long and interesting stories for the site?
  • that of the original members of TSC only one remains active?
  • that Sal Maro was attacked twice by the Galactic Alliance?
  • that the Nymean Ascendancy has declared independence from the Order of Sovereignty?
  • that Jarik Sol is the son of Boba Fett?
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