Nemesis was born on a transport headed to the outer rim. On the same day of his birth the transport was attacked by Mandalorian raiders who took him in alive, however the rest aboard the ship were killed. The Mandalorians who taught him their code raised him as he lived as a spartan. Even though of his young age he experienced much bloodshed and believed that battle was all that mattered in life.

However his life suddenly changed when he met a strong, cunning female named Jade Dakari who was taken from another raid on an outer rim world. The two became close friends and shared many things with each other, forming who they would grow up to become. However the Jedi came to where he lived and killed many while everyone was sleeping. When he was awaken by blaster fire he reached out for his only weapon, only to be struck in the face with one of the Jedi’s blue lightsaber. The scar remained to remind him of that day.

The Jedi took away Jade, whom Nemesis began to come to love. After the attack he left Dkun moon and went out to seek the teachings of the Sith to unleash his passion and hate towards the Jedi who ruined his life.

He came to the Second Sith Council and began to train under Nexus. While training, Nexus revealed his plan to overthrow both the Sith by going to the Jedi to help and then later turning on them. Nemesis became angry with his master who was willing to help the Jedi, even after they took Jade away. He tried to attack Nexus when he would not expect it, however Nexus knew of his apprentice's plan and killed him before Nemesis could take out his lightsaber.

Nexus took the body and dropped it in the Ocean on Ni'novia and called his death a tragic accident from a mission. After the attack on Ni’novia scanners were placed in the oceans to see if Nexus was lying. It took weeks before the scanners that were placed out found him. When he was pulled out of the ocean it was obvious that a lightsaber stab through the chest caused his death. He was then buried on the beach of the closest landmass.

His murder was one of the many things used against Nexus when he was brought before the Council and charged with crimes of treason. Later Nemesis death was avenged by the death of the traitor.

Other InformationEdit

  • Species: Human
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5’10"
  • Weight: 170
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Skin Color: White
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Clothing: Brown boots, black pants, and Brown leather utility belt, Black

Shirt, red overcoat.

  • Home world: Dxun
  • Weapons: Modified Mandalorian Dueling Sword, Arkadian Heavy Blaster, and a Red Lightsaber