Nexus was once a senior member of the Sith Council before his greed and hatred got the better of him. He contacted the Galactic Alliance with an offer to betray the Ni'novian Empire. His true goals were to betray both the Sith and the Alliance and declare himself emperor of the Galaxy.

Before he turned against the Sith, Nexus was a leading champion of reform in training and drills. He continually pressed for the Sith to grow in their abilities to fight more efficiently in combat. He also passed several ordinances to make soldiers drill more. He was also a scout that did much toward colonizing Ni'novia.

After some time, he began to chafe under the restrictions of not being the leader. He began to plot and work toward taking control of the Sith and the Galaxy. Eventually, the opportunity came for him to contact the Galactic Alliance and offer a way for them to defeat the Sith. He gave the Alliance the details of all the Sith garrisons and fleets. They used that information to launch a massive assault on dozens of Sith planets.

Even then, while his influence severely crushed the Sith defenses, he was not successful. For over a month after the fighting started, he continued to feed information to the Jedi even going as far as to position Sith troops to be defeated by the Alliance soldiers.

After a month of betraying the Sith, Nexus was found out and put on trial. The Council determined his guilt and had him executed. His death was carried out by the Council and his body was incinerated to leave no trace of his legacy. His holdings were distributed among the other Sith Lords.

Out of Character InfoEdit

Nexus contacted others to join him on another site, one where he was the Emperor. When he thought the time was right, he deleted over 5,000 posts by moving them into the single forum where he was able to delete. He also removed everyone from their usergroups he was a moderator of. The next day, he struck again wiping another 4,000 posts and more usergroup data. It was from that that Trivas figured out that he was behind the deletions. Evidence was gathered against him and presented before the Council. Though he tried to throw the blame off on his brother, records of login times proved him wrong here. The evidence was too great against Nexus and the Council voted for his destruction.