This is the basic design produced by engineers on Ni'novia. It is moderately armed and is a good mid sized escort frigate. There is little remarkable about this ship except its manufacturing cost. Due to the nature of the limited resources the Sith possess, it was designed to be cost effective and easy to build. Manufacturing can be done in 1/35 the time it takes to build a full ISD.

This is an expendable, easy to produce escort frigate. There is little special to this ship and it is comparable to a Nebulon B frigate or a Carrack (though it is slightly outmatched by one except for its more modern weaponry). The main plasma cannon is effective against enemy capital ships and has the power of several turbolaser blasts, but takes more time to charge.

This basic design was successful and spawned the Mark II and Mark III versions of frigates.

General StatsEdit


  • Length: 270 m
  • Width: 126 m (at widest)
  • Height: 41 m


  • 504 total crew
  • 34 officers
  • 320 crewmen
  • 70 gunnery crew
  • 50 troops
  • 30 pilot crew/staff


  • 4 turbolaser chain turrets (borrowed from Hapan technology)
  • 4 twin proton torpedo launchers
  • 1 heavy plasma cannon
  • 8 light laser canons

Hangar capacityEdit

1 squadron of any fighter type