Seeing the obvious weaknesses in the expendable Mark I, the shipmasters on Ni'novia created two different, specialized models. This was the first of these models.

The Mark II is nothing but a fancy capital ship killer. The four rail turbo lasers were replaced with massive projectile cannons. These cannons launch baradium missiles at enemy ships from a great distance. These missiles are capable of spreading an explosive dust that ignites upon energy contact. This dust, usually spreading around impact points on targeted ships is often ignited by lasers from that ship and can cause slight damage. The most effective use of this explosive dust is a distraction for enemy gunners as it offers little true damage.

Instead of four dual linked proton torpedo launchers, the designers have replaced them with 40 laser cannons scattered around the ship's hull. This allows the ship to have effective protection from enemy fighters while attacking capital ships from a distance. The ship also kept the heavy plasma cannon for devastating shots against hulls left unshielded by the baradium missiles.

These frigates cost much more to build but are more durable than the Mark I. Their build time is also slower at about 1/20 of ISD production time.



  • Length: 270 m
  • Width: 126 m (at widest)
  • Height: 41 m (49 m including missile launcher)


  • 583 total crew
  • 43 officers
  • 340 crewmen
  • 120 gunnery crew
  • 50 troops
  • 30 pilot crew/staff


  • 2 heavy baradium missile launchers
  • 1 heavy plasma cannon
  • 40 light laser turrets

Hangar capacityEdit

1 squadron of any fighter type