This was the second modified design created from the Mark I. This time, the ship was outfitted for anti-fighter combat. The original rail turbo cannons were replaced with four heavy quad lasers designed to use against corvettes. The plasma cannon was kept to offer limited protection against capital ships. The 40 light laser cannons were also placed on this ship as well.

The manpower, construction time, and cost are similar to the Mark II.

General StatsEdit


  • Length: 270 m
  • Width: 126 m (at widest)
  • Height: 41 m (46 m including quad turret)


  • 588 total crew
  • 44 officers
  • 340 crewmen
  • 125 gunnery crew
  • 50 troops
  • 30 pilot crew/staff


  • 4 heavy quad lasers
  • 1 heavy plasma cannon
  • 40 light laser turrets

Hangar CapacityEdit

1 squadron of any fighter type