Nyme Tower is the central fortification and command center for the Ni'novian city of Nymenos. Trivas built it upon colonizing the planet and used it as his home for many years. From there, he controlled the massive amount of intelligence that he had coming in from around the Galaxy.

On the top is the main communications and map rooms. In the middle floors are a mixture of offices and data libraries. Toward the ground level floors are the main garrisons that are manned by soldiers and defensive forces. Also on the ground floor are the hangars for one of the defense wings of fighters and a heavy vehicle garage for one of the armored battalions. Below ground are a series of bunkers and intelligence centers.

Trivas had his quarters on the topmost floor where he could go out onto a massive balcony that was part of the roof. When he died, Eliana took over the quarters and dwelt there for a time. When Reaves placed an arrest warrant on her, she fled the planet.