This is a design created on Areltsi, the Nymean capital planet, and built in the shipyards there. It is smaller than the ISD and not as heavily armed. However, the shielding and armor are better.

There were ten NSD's started before the Galaxial War, but only three were completed before the attacks started. One was heavily damaged and was put under repairs and the other two served with distinction in the Breaking of the Corellian Blockade. Since then, five more have been completed with the other two nearing completion. Two dozen are scheduled to be completed in the next two years from the Areltsi shipyards. More were built from shipyards on Nulvar and other planets within the Nymean Ascendancy. Now, over fifty have been built, though eight have been destroyed in various conflicts. Most of the ships are stationed in the First and Second Nymean Fleets though a few are in other fleets or are detached as garrison forces.

The main purpose for this ship was to design something that was uniquely Nymean, and later Sith. Trivas and Jorell ordered the designing of such a ship shortly after they discovered the Empire long before Trivas' exile from that space. When he was forced out, Trivas brought a copy of the plans with him to Nirauan. There, he had ex-Imperial ship designers work in it further. Finally, with the destruction of Jorell's empire, the first ten were started.

The design is similar to the standard Star Destroyer line, but with some changes. Instead of a ventral docking bay, ships launch from two docking bays on either side of the ship (the little "wings" along the side). Each bay allows for four squadrons of fighters, eight shuttles, and four landing craft to be docked inside with room for several visiting or captured craft.

On the spine above and below, more modern weapondry is used. Toward the bridge (standard location for Star Destroyers) are two massive twin projectile launchers capable of firing baradium missiles, detonite and duranium shells, and many other projectiles. Next are two twin baradium missile launchers (similar to those on the Ni'novia Mark II). Then, continuing toward the front are six (three on each side) turbolaser chain turrets. Each turret utilizes Hapan ideals of rotating weapons while they charge so that there is always an active weapon firing. This effect creates a nearly constant stream of turbolaser shots.


.9 ISD equivalence


  • Length: 1,300 m (300 m less than ISD)
  • Width: 500 m
  • Height: 270 m


  • 28,090 total crew
  • 780 officers
  • 13,970 crewmen
  • 6,700 gunnery crew
  • 5,000 troops
  • 1,640 pilot crew/staff


  • 2 heavy twin projectile cannons
  • 2 heavy twin baradium missile launchers
  • 6 turbolaser chain turrets
  • 40 turbolaser cannons
  • 14 ion cannons
  • 60 light laser cannons

Hangar CapacityEdit

  • 8 squadrons of fighters (96 fighters)
  • 16 shuttles
  • 8 landing craft