The Obsidian Union is a collection of several Sith Houses run by different Sith Lords. The organization is not as bold in its conquests and prefers to remain hidden in the shadows of the underworld.

An alliance was first formed with them while the Houses were under the rule of Darth Groznii. After only a few years, Groznii became mad and tried to disband the Houses and their Sith Council. In the ensuing war, Groznii was all but defeated and the Council rebuilt their Houses and the Union was preserved.

The Ni'novian Sith officially recognized the Sith Council and maintained their alliance when the civil war was over. That alliance stayed in place for many years until it finally collapsed mostly due to Darth Nefarious, one of the House Lords.

For a short time, the two empires remained hostile toward each other as all diplomatic relations were cut off. Eventually, Lord Xaos embarked on a mission to help save the Nymean capital, Areltsi from a Galactic Alliance invasion. He did so with the desire to gain Trivas' aid in deposing Nefarious.

Trivas agreed to do this and assisted Lords Xaos and Raziel in dethroning Nefarious and restoring honor and dignity to the Obsidian Union. A new alliance was formed as the new government was much more friendly toward their Ni'novian allies.

Trivas was added into the ruling Houses of the Union and for several months, things were fine. Then, slowly, tensions resumed and problems arose. A final split with the Ni'novian Empire occurred and the two empires have not had contact since.

Out of Character InfoEdit

The Obsidian Union was the in character name of a site of Sith roleplayers. The group started at the Sith Order where they were forced out by the administrator, Darth Groznii, after several major disagreements. Later, during the attempt to remove Nefarious from power, Nefarious destroyed their second site and forced the members once more to start over. Lord Nyne created a new site on the TSC server and moved them there. After a few months, disputes and problems arose and the group moved back to their second site for a while. Hackers and more problems followed them there and they moved to the Empire of the Force site. Further splits saw the leader, Darth Xaos, splitting from the rest taking over 20 members with him. Darth Xaos, along with an improved Obsidian Union, currently resides at where he is furthering his legacy in the Star Wars Role-Playing Universe.