Pa'rai assisted Dr. Coplin and help administer testing of Zathri, when Zathri was a young boy. However, she coded a message to Zathri one day and began to help him escape. Once Dr. Coplin had injected Zathri with a serum that brought out his animal side, Pa'rai help him escape, by causing a distraction and stole another serum to counter act the serum already rushing through Zathi's veins..

Once free, Zathri was still in trouble. Pharvoch, Zathri's father, saw Zathri escape and Pa'rai filled him in on what had occurred over the last few months. They used a few speeders of that Pharvoch owned and went into the desert to find the 'new' Zathri.

Once they reached the cave that the 'new' Zathri was in, Zathri attacked both his father and Dr. Coplin's young assistant. The animal side of Zathri took over him completely and tried to breed with her, as his father was knocked out. Luckily Pa'rai still had the serum in hand, and once Zathri place his hands over her, she stabbed it deep in the side of his neck.

Instantly Zathri returned back to his 'normal' self. Although his body had now progressed into what looked to be about mid-twenties, his mind came back. After this whole ordeal, Pa'rai and Pharvoch began to date, and soon the retired solder asked her hand in marriage. The two are still married to this day, working closely with the Praesitlyn Secret Army.