Paletn V is the fifth planet in the Paletn System. With a population of 640 million, it is a moderately well known planet in the Nymean Ascendancy. There are no sentient natives on the planet, most of the population are Eriadi colonists who colonized the planet starting around 70 BBY.


The planet is mostly swampy with small land masses and large oceans. Heavy rain is prevalent over much of the planet and warm temperatures encourage swamps and marshes. The few mountain ranges on the planet offer relief from the rains and oppressive humidity. The axial tilt of the planet is very small meaning that there is very little differences in seasons.


Industry is fairly developed as the population grew and joined the Nymean Ascendancy. While many of the colonists came to exploit the various opportunities for fungi farming, there are industries that convert some of the natural gases on the planet into a primitive fuel for blaster pistols.

Many edible species of fungi are harvested here and a major pharmaceutical facility operates from Paletn V. Over 150 million colonists live on the planet in various farming communities scattered around the largest land mass of the planet. The capital city, Mosefra, is situated on a mountainside and has six million people living within its limits.

The people not involved in the fungi production and refinement are likely working in the natural swamp gas industry. When the Eriadi first explored the planet, they noted that the gas was possible to be converted into a weaponized version to fuel blaster packs. The power from this gas was usually weak compared to tibanna gas but before contact with the outside Galaxy was made, it was a very valuable find. Now, after more powerful gases have been integrated into the sector, this gas is strong enough only for blaster pistol and sport shooting weapons. Even then, the market for weapons has only increased with the various conflicts that have occurred in recent decades.


When the Galactic Alliance conquered Eriados in the Galaxial War, the citizens of Paletn V readied themselves for an attack. Fortunately, the attack never came and they were spared the destruction that visited their mother planet. During the Vagaari War, a major battle was fought here resulting in a resounding Nymean and Chiss victory.

After the fighting ended, millions of Eriadi immigrated to the planet to escape their rapidly overpopulating homeworld and start over. The population increased dramatically in a very short time causing great strain on the inhabitants. The Eriadi government and the Council of El'iadar stepped in to offer help in developing the industry and public works, but many still live a primitive lifestyle of farming and gas prospecting.