Pharvoch was a high ranking general for the Praesitlyn Army and was honored many times for his bravery, wisdom, and strength in many battles. Pharvoch is the step-father of Zathri, a Sith Master, who taught him military tactics, and training. Pharvoch is now retired, however, still lives on his home world of Praesitlyn.

Early LifeEdit

Pharvoch was born when Anakin Skywalker and the Clone Troopers aided Praesitlyn against the Separatist army. He was safe during birth, for his father was a high ranking pilot, and stayed that way until the Clone Wars was over. Pharvoch witnessed the rise of the Empire, fall of the Empire, rise of the New Republic, fall of the New Republic, and rise of the Galactic Alliance.


Pharvoch was doing patrols from the air when he spotted what looked to be a small human lying in the middle of the desert, early morning. When he went to investigate he saw the child, and a creature stalking him. Pharvoch shot it down, and took the young child in, naming him Zathri. He taught the child everyday about military tactics through games and witnessed many strange happenings, which led him to believe his son was force sensitive. After several years Zathri was attacked by Dr. Coplin, who had been performing tests on the child, since his DNA was not of human, and not any other species known to the universe.

After the whole ordeal Pharvoch's son was no longer a boy, but a man. After another year he gave his son the opportunity to join the Praesitlyn Army, the same army he was in. Years, pasted and his son moved on to higher goals. He became a Sith, married a friend of his Pa'rai. Once Zathri and Nadia began a family, turned Pharvoch into a grandfather. Although Pa'rai was too old to bare children the two loved Nadia's and Zathri's kids as their own.

During the course of this time, the military general made a new type of army, the Praesitlyn Secret Army to help break away from the hands of the GA, however, after a small mission, he was shot in the leg, ending his long lived career. He still lives today, helping behind the scenes of the PSA, and helped free the planet that soon joined the Sith Empire.