Xalvo Praviz is a Chiss from Nulvar who went into the military at a young age. He served in all the wars the Nymean Ascendancy has been in and married Eliana.

Military CareerEdit

Partially because he was Chiss and partially because of his skills with tactics and politics, he quickly advanced through the ranks. He served as a captain of a Nulvarl Battlecruiser during the Galaxial War and saw some action against the Galactic Alliance. Towards the end of the War, he was promoted to Admiral and put in command of a small element in the Fourth Nymean Fleet under Admiral Erstis.

When the Ascendancy declared independence from the Order of Sovereignty, Supreme Commander Repness was removed from his position by an A'trest Party dominated Council of El'iadar and was replaced by Erstis. When this happened, he was selected to take command of the Fourth Fleet. He fought in the Unification War during the Coruscant Campaign and in countless battles of the Horothrium War.

Family LifeEdit

Praviz met Eliana after she was defeated and killed on Coruscant. He was assigned by the military to monitor her condition to ensure she would not be a threat any longer. During that time, he witnessed her progress from a violent, angry woman to a calm, compassionate one as Trivas and Jorelas undid the dark side influence on her. The two were put together more as the Council was not sure that she was genuinely changed. He would periodically check on her status with Elric de Odin who was training her as a Jedi.

After she completed her training and was awarded the rank of Jedi Knight, the Council officially closed the books on her case. The two celebrated by having lunch together before she departed to the Sovereign Remnant with Jorelas on a diplomatic mission. When S'Rai Dah demanded that Eliana stay under his watch for a month, she managed to arrange for Praviz to join her there as an observer and a bodyguard. During that time, they slowly brought romance into their relationship.

After the month was over, Praviz decided to formally court her with Jorelas' permission. For the next few months, they kept a low profile until they got married on 11/28/47 on Areltsi. Despite their duties often keeping them apart, they have a home on Taiphath in the Tetral Temple and a son, Mathal and a daughter, Lyscia.