A heavy set man from Platarious who is the delegate to the Office of Civilians. Before Bastilla over threw Unick Quin was one of the few who would raid Unick’s palace to steal food and equipment for the survival of the people. He was also known as # 5,250 before he chose Quin as his name.

While Bastilla was running Unick out of the city he helped Raus and Shala to pass out food and to keep everyone in the underground tunnels. Once the war was over he made many high powering speeches to the people to make Bastilla the leader of Platarious. He also made many empowering speeches that helped build moral in hard times before and after the Battle of Platarious.

He won the election into the Office of Civilians and won the vote and became the delegate to the office. He always speaks what is best for the civilians and not him self. While out on his visits with the people he was short by a blaster in the stomach by one of Unick’s followers. The shot was close to killing him, but he got the medical attention that was needed and survived. Recovery didn't stop him from doing his duty as a delegate, he would have open hours to his room for the people who wanted to see him, and after going through many different scanners and checks so he would not get hurt again.

He works very closely with everyone in the Offices; he is well liked by almost everyone and is still the delegate to this very day.

Other Information

  • Age: 57
  • Height: 5’8"
  • Weight: 195
  • Build: Heavy
  • Hair: Top of his head his bald while the sides are gray.
  • Skin Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Clothing: Long simple gray clothing.
  • Favorite Weapon: Bryar Pistol