Raus was a human from Platarious.

Under Unick's RuleEdit

Unick's rule was a horrible life of hunger, pain, and slavery. Unick gave all of the civilians numbers instead of names to restrict expression of his people except him self to show his power. Raus, or #46, was one of the two people that met with Lady Bastilla, who came to their planet to free them from the horrible life. From the point that Bastilla met them he choose the name Raus. Bastilla gave Raus and Shala dehydrated food as a gift to the people of Unick's planet to show that she would free them. Raus and Shala carried in as much food as they could back to the city were they lived. Raus and Shala came into the city quietly and went into underground tunnels where many other humans were planing a resistance. Those people handed out the food to the entire woman and children that they could. Raus and Shala had everyone stay in the underground tunnels until the Bastilla had taken over the city.

Under Bastilla's RuleEdit

However it would not be long before Raus and Shala would be captured by Unick's followers. He was tutored and almost killed before Bastilla's apprentice Vexen killed Unick. With Unick now dead, Bastilla turned the planet around, giving everyone names, including the planet, and brought a great economy to Platarious. She also formed a new government. There were seven delegates. Raus was one of those delegates from the office of energy. He was very talented in energy, he was responsible for allowing an easy way that all civilians of Platarious could have power running through their homes. He is still a delegate to this day.