Reaves was a young Quermian on the planet of Quemira. His parents were of some noble house, and he was trained to be diplomatic. However, as Reaves grew older, so did an insatiable appetite for power. He was sent as en envoy to barter with Nar Shadda Hutts. In Reaves’ free time during the mission, he used his charismatic appearance and friendly nature to start a revolt, which ended in the Hutts demise. Reaves realized his gift at manipulation, and then decided to use it to it’s fullest. He left his family, and honed his art of words. Eventually all of these evil deeds he did opened up new possibilities. He found some ancient texts by Murk Lundi, and listened to them. He soon realized he could manipulate the force. Being very high-standing with many influential people, he soon found out where he should sign up for the Sith.

Once he joined on with the Sith he was given over to Lord Tress for training. After a brief session and a mission on the planet of Lehon, he was promoted to Acolyte. There he countered a diplomatic mission to Corellia by the Jedi. Seeing the opportunity he joined the fledgling Inquisitors. Soon after Scyrone had left for his self-exile the Inquisitors were without a leader. Being the highest ranking members apart from Scyrone, Reaves was the natural first choice. After being promoted he began to assume his duties as High Inquisitor.

He worked closely with Trivas until his death when Reaves took over the position of Grand Inquisitor. For the next few months, he attempted to make sense of events surrounding Trivas' death while fighting a civil war among the Inquisitors themselves. He investigated and discovered many important things about Eliana and Siron and was heartbroken that he could not intervene. He took part in the Sith Revolution on the side of the Imperialists and helped found the Order of Sovereignty. Shortly after the Battle of Sal Maro, he made one final appeal to Eliana to turn from her alliance with Siron, but to no avail. After she terminated the connection, he was assassinated by a rebel Inquisitor and was replaced by his son, Praectus.