Repness at the time of his final retirement.

Captain Repness was an Imperial officer in charge of an outpost along the border of Imperial Space and the Unknown Regions. His outpost was discovered by scouts from the Nulvarl Empire and annexed into the service of Trivas. After discovering the wonders of advanced Imperial technology, he was sent back to the Empire to rally more Imperials to join the Nulvarl Empire.

At this time, the Empire was fractured and warlords were fighting and squabbling among themselves. Many Imperials were tired of this infighting and quickly accepted the opportunity to go to the Unknown Regions to join a stable empire and start over. The largest contribution the Imperials gave was an older Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

With the Star Destroyer and the thousands of troops that came back to the Nulvarl Empire, Trivas and Jorell were able to conquer many surrounding planets and train their people nearly to Imperial standards. When the War of the Areltsi Coalition broke out, Repness worked directly under Trivas and supported his policies.

When Jorell betrayed Trivas, Repness was one of only a handful of loyal officers chosen to come with the dethroned co-emperor on board the frigate Incalculable. When Trivas and the Ni'novian Sith conquered Jorell's empire, Repness was given command of the Nymean fleet as reward for his loyal service. During the Galaxial War, he remained in command of the defenses throughout the Nymean Ascendancy.

When the War ended, he went into semi-retirement and lessened his load to command of just the First Nymean Fleet which stayed around Areltsi. He supported Eliana when Trivas died and supports her even if he does not always agree with her decisions. Shortly after Scyrone freed Trivas' spirit, the two met up and Repness began working with the spirit form of his former leader.

After the political takeover of Nymean politics by the A'trest Party, Repness knew he was doomed to be driven into forced retirement. Still, he continued to help Trivas plan and position things to help the Ascendancy survive. When he was finally forced into retiring, he was satisfied to hear that his friend Admiral Erstis had been selected to replace him.