Sal Maro was the lightly populated planet where the new Jedi Order choose to place their main temple. It was defended by two heavy planetary shields which offered excellent protection from enemy assaults. It was orbited by several moons, many of which had outposts on them.

The citizens of Sal Maro grew to be extremely loyal to the Jedi. After the Galaxial War, the Jedi pulled out of the system to protect it from Galactic Alliance attacks. Sal Maro is also the home base of the Sons of Sal Maro, an elite pro-Jedi group of commandos.

During the Galactic Purge the Galactic Alliance's first move against the Jedi Order was to take Sal Maro away from them. The First Battle of Sal Maro brought the fist of the GA down to bear on the Sons of Sal Maro and Sal Maro itself.

The planet eventually stayed a part of the Galactic Alliance, though they would be watched very closely.