This is a site devoted to the ways of the Sith and all the Dark Lore the Sith have learned.

While the Sith serve themselves and try to further the destruction of the Jedi and galaxial domination of the Sith, we must hold ourselves to high standards to prevent the chaos that plagued the old Sith. To do this, we must hold in check our baser, more violent instincts to work together against the hordes of mindless Jedi. We can no longer afford to destroy our own for petty failures and incompetence. Instead, we must assist our fellow Sith to rectify their errors and grow more competent in the future.

Sith Code of ConductEdit

Article 1aEdit

There is to be NO discrimination of members based on race, gender, national origin, religion, beliefs, or political stances. Only the Jedi require complete subservience to the rigid beliefs they hold true. This rigidity stifles outside thinking and hampers the ability to adapt to changes and threats. If any member is insulting another member based on these topics, they will be publicly shamed. If the offense continues, the member will be demoted. If demotion does not stop the violation, the member will be executed by the Sith Council and removed from the site permanently.

Article 1bEdit

There is to be absolutely NO profanity, vulgar language, sexual humor or comments, pornography, racial or ethnical slurs, or harassing of other members. There is to be NO profane or inappropriate pictures to be used as an avatar, signature, or picture on a post. There is to be NO links to sites with pornography, racially offensive material, material not suitable for minors (18 years old), or political satire/humor. Violators will be warned privately and the material/posts removed. Repeat violators will be demoted or executed and removed from the site.

Article 2aEdit

There is to be no discussion of religion, politics, romantic relationships, or personal information on the forum. If two members wish to converse under these topics, it needs to be held in private using PM's. Violators will be warned and may have the posts edited or deleted. Repeat violators face demotion or temporary suspension of their posting rights.

Article 2bEdit

Sometimes, a Council Member or other senior member will feel that discussion along these topics is a good way to learn about Star Wars. If one of these members decides to start a topic along these lines, the material within should be treated with the utmost seriousness and respect. For instance, in a topic about politics, members should respect views contrary to their own even if they do not agree with them. This should be a rare occurance and if such a topic is abused, it may be locked and moved to the Sith Holocron or deleted.

Article 3aEdit

All members are to respect each other in all aspects. Proper titles and honors are to be used when posting. In PM's, it is up to the two in the conversation. Any public reference should be using their proper title.

Article 3bEdit

All Sith Lords or Council Members are to be addressed as "Lord" or "Lady" at all times. Everyone who is of a higher rank is to be referred to as "Lord" or "Lady". The only exception is that Adepts need not refer to Apprentices as "Lord". Everyone of equal or lesser rank can be refered to as "Darth" or "Mistress" though "Darth" can be used as a feminine term. If one wishes to show normal respect, even if temporary, they may do so by using "Lord" or "Lady".

Article 4Edit

No new members are to use the title "Lord" in their names. Only Sith Lords or the Sith Council may have this in their names. Contact Lord Nyne for the change if necessary. Those demoted dishonorably as part of a punishment will have that title removed. Those who have once attained that position but have been voted out of office or have willingly stepped down may keep the title as respect to their service.

Article 5Edit

Anyone attempting to hack, alter, or otherwise changing the site or the forum will be reported to the government and their IP address will be banned.

Article 6Edit

In the eventual situation in which a Jedi attempts to attack the site, all members are to act properly and in order. Treat the Jedi with the respect deserved to a dangerous enemy. Do not attempt to force him away or spar with him. Since we do not know the ability of the Jedi, do not engage in combat. Instead, immediately contact the Council through PM's and specifically Lord Nyne. If the attacker cannot be converted or persuaded to leave peaceably, then Lord Nyne will personally execute them and ban their IP address.

Article 7Edit

Since many members here may know each other through other areas, they may know personal information about each other. Members are not to use another member's real name, personal information, area of residence, or anything else that is private. If the member desires to disclose that information, it is up to them.

Article 8Edit

If a member joins up but does not post within one month of their joining, they run the risk of being removed from the site. Inactive members contribute nothing to the Sith and are useless in all ways. This rule does not need to be carried out by the first week, but, according to the Administrator's desires, it may be carried out any time afterward.

Article 9Edit

Active members who have attained any rank above Adept must post at least once every two months. If access to the site is not possible, the person may contact through phone, mail, e-mail, or face to face conversation another trusted member and have that person post in their name. This is for important decisions, votes, or opinions. After two months of no contact, the member may be demoted to a lower rank if decided upon by a simple majority vote from the Sith Council.

Article 10Edit

Games are a fun way to compete with other members. While they are not required to be a member, they are needed to advance to the ranks of Master and Sith Lord. In the future, a special recognition will be awarded to whomever excels in the gaming section.

Article 11Edit

If any superior contacts a member, that member is required to reply as soon as the message is received. If any member contacts a superior, that superior is required to reply as soon as the message is received. If any non-member contacts any member about an issue involving the site or forum itself, that member is to send a copy of the message to the site Administrators, Lord Nyne or Trivas.

Article 12aEdit

The Sith Council reserves the right to remove any member at any time if the Council feels it necessary. A 3/4 majority in the Sith Council is needed to remove any member unless violating the rules and requirements of this Code.

Article 12bEdit

Article 12a does not apply to violators of the Code as stated above. Those violators may be suspended on the word of two Council Members if sufficient evidence is found. If the violation is extreme, an emergency meeting will take place in which the vote will only be held for five days. After that time, the vote is taken as is and a simple majority is required to remove the violator.

Article 13Edit

In the rare case that an emergency occurs and senior members are needed to vote or decide on an issue, members of the Sith Lord rank will be called upon for their opinion. In all cases, any decision made by the Sith Lord rank can be overturned by a 3/4 majority vote by the Sith Council.

Article 14Edit

In the case that a Council Member cannot be reached at that time of a vote and there is a tie, the three most active posters on the Council will revote and decide the issue. If one or more of the three most active posters are unavailable, then the fourth, fifth, or sixth can replace them.

Article 15Edit

Any member attempting to bribe, threaten, or blackmail another member's vote will be demoted or removed from the site. This includes e-mails, PM's posts, phone calls, or any other means of communication. Since compromise is often the best recourse to solving disagreements, deals are not included in this as long as there is no bribing, threatening, or blackmailing of any sort involved.

Article 16Edit

If any member is violating the rules of this Code and a Council Member is not present at the moment, members should PM the three most active Council Members including Lord Nyne to insure that the message is received. They will deal with the problem and it is no longer your responsibility.

Article 17Edit

Ammendments to this Code may be passed by a majority vote by the Sith Council.

Amendments to the CodeEdit

Amendment 1aEdit

Fleet sizes for the RPG are as follows. There are no Super Star Destroyers, Death Stars, superweapons, or any ship larger or more powerful than an ISD unless the Council approves of it by a 3/4 majority. -->For adepts and apprentices: they can have fighters, small transports, and small freighters, but not hundreds of them. -->Masters: can have a small fleet consisting of fighters, large transports, freighters, cruisers and heavy cruisers, but no Star Destroyers and no large fleets of 200 cruisers. -->Lords and CMs: can have a large (but not giant) fleet of fighters, freighters, transports, cruisers, heavy cruisers, Star Destroyers (VSDs and ISDs), but to limit it the max is 3 ISDs and 5 Star Destroyers total. Amendment 1b: All ships that surpass the limits are placed under the control of the Council and integrated into the Imperial Navy.

Amendment 2Edit

A newly promoted master cannot take an apprentice for three weeks after his promotion unless granted permission by the Council.

Amendment 3aEdit

In order for an apprentice to be promoted to master, he must have at least 100 posts and have been a member of the site for at least a month.

Amendment 3b:Edit

A master decides when his apprentice should be promoted. However, a vote must be taken by the Council in order to notify and confirm it. A Council Member has the right to vote NO, but it bears no effect on whether the promotion will occur. It only acts as a way of showing disapproval of the apprentice, for reasons that must be justified and stated.

Amendment 3c:Edit

However, if the Council votes unanimously that the apprentice is not qualified, then the decision is overturned. After three days that the poll has been open, if five or more members have voted against the promotion, then the motion is failed. It is not necessary to wait for all members to vote since that may take a long time.

Code for AdeptsEdit

Description: All members come into the Sith Council as Adepts.

Privileges: Adepts have the ability to respond to the Prospects Forum as well as play games.

Goals: It should be the goal of all Adepts to prove themselves worthy of having a Master or Sith Lord take them as an Apprentice. To do this, Adepts can post relevant posts, play and win games, and interact with other members through PM's. Adepts should be the most populous of all member groups since only a limited few will be a Master or an Apprentice.

Minimum requirements: All Adepts must be a member.

Conduct Towards Masters: Adepts should not ask a Master to take them as an Apprentice unless that Master has posted in the Prospects Forum stating their availability. When a Master posts there, only post once in that topic. Do not repeatedly post or PM a Master to accept you. If a Master wishes you to contact them in private through PM's, they will ask you to do so or contact you themselves. Some Masters will contact you if you catch their eye. DO NOT contact Masters that do not have an Apprentice with a request to become theirs. Some Masters do not choose to or are unable to take an Apprentice.

It is not dishonorable to be an Adept. Do not feel that you are abused or that your talents are wasted as an Adept. It is a mark of true wisdom and maturity to realize that some people know more than you. There are many talented members who join this Council, if you are one, post and remain active and you will catch the eye of a Master. Remember, even a Sith Adept is a more prestigious position than a Jedi.

Code for ApprenticesEdit

Description: Apprentices are members that have been accepted by a Master or Sith Lord to train with the goal of being made Master themselves.

Privileges: Apprentices have access to both the Apprentice and Prospect Forums and can play games. As an Apprentice, members may contact their Master and rely on their exclusive teachings.

Goals: All Apprentices should complete tasks, learn, and stay involved in order to be promoted to the rank of Master. While the Master decides when the Apprentice is ready, the Council must vote on all Mastership promotions in order to prevent abuse of this system and keep the Master rank filled with only worthy Sith.

Minimum requirements: All Apprentices should have posted at least 15 times and played thirty minutes of games.

Conduct: Apprentices are to reply to any post or PM's as quickly as they can. They must also inform their Master if they will be absent from the forum for any long period of time. During their time here, they should address their Master as "Master" and they should reserve that title for that one person only. Apprentices should never openly insult or show disrespect toward their Master, all grievances should be dealt with in PM's. Apprentices should be loyal to their Masters in all areas.

A master has the right to drop an apprentice.

Apprentices should never post in other training topics or in their Master's past and future topics with other Apprentices. These areas are for them only and not anyone else. Apprentices should continue posting and playing games according to their Master's wishes. If their Master gives them an assignment, they should complete it as soon as possible since delaying only delays their ascension to Master. If another Master or Sith Lord addresses them through PM's or posts, they will show respect and reply since those members have earned their titles and are higher in rank.

Code for MastersEdit

Description: Masters are the highest rank that can be attained through normal means. These are members who have been part of the Sith Council for at least a month and have posted and played games enough to show their devotion to the Sith Way. They have more responsibility than other members and must conduct themselves to higher standards.

Privileges: Masters have the ability to access the Masters Forum as well as the Apprentices and Prospects Forums and can play games. In the Master's Forum, Masters may participate in serious discussions about deep aspects of Star Wars, the Force, and the Sith. Masters may also take Apprentices under most circumstances.

Goals: Masters should be trying to develop their Force powers through the company of fellow Masters and through training Apprentices.

Minimum Requirements: All Masters must have posted at least 100 posts, played 3 hours of games.* They also must have been a member of the Sith Council for at least a month and an Apprentice for two weeks.

  • Due to the sudden current growth by members from the Sith Order, these some requirements are voided due to exemplementary service there. This exemption will be removed soon.

A newly promoted master cannot take an apprentice for three weeks after his promotion unless granted permission by the council

Conduct Towards Apprentices: Masters have the option to either accept Apprentices or remain solidary. If they choose to take an Apprentice, they must remain loyal to their Apprentice. If an Apprentice is under attack by other members, Masters should either assist their Apprentice if they are in the right or stop the attack if they are wrong. If your Apprentice is violating the rules of this Code or orders from the Sith Council, they are to reproach the Apprentice through PM's. Masters who have an Apprentice are responsible for encouraging them to post and remain active. They are also responsible for making sure they complete the minimum requirements for advancing to Mastership. If a Master accepts an Apprentice and later abandon's them without cause, the Master will not be able to take another Apprentice for a minimum of one month.

Conduct in the Site: Masters are required to remain active except under extreme conditions. If a Master needs to have a short leave of absence, they should post that fact. If a Master is absent for more than a month without good cause, they will be demoted to Adept.

Masters are to behave with the utmost honor of the Sith. They are not to provoke dissent among the Council or allied organizations. Masters are not to put down, insult, or discorage other members. As high ranking members of the Sith, the goal is to build up the Council so all may be better equipped to fight the Jedi.

Code for Sith LordsEdit

Description: This is an elite group of Sith that have shown devotion and loyalty to the Sith ways. They function similar to Masters in every way but have seniority over all but the Sith Council.

Priviledges: Sith Lords have the same priviledges as a Master but with a little more respect.

Goals: Sith Lords are those members who have been very active and devoted in the Sith Council site. They have proven their worth in many ways. Many if not all Council Members will be chosen from this group so Sith Lords should strive to keep on top in order to have the best chances for selection.

Minimum Requirements: All Sith Lords must have posted at least 500 times. They also must have played at least 10 hours of games. Furthermore, all Sith Lords must have been a Master for at least two months and a member for at least four months.

Conduct: Similiar to Masters since this is basically an elite form of Mastership. In some cases if a special hearing needs to be organized, members for that will be selected from among Sith Lords. This position is the pinnacle that any member may reach, even more respected than Council Member at times since not all Council Members meet the requirements for this position. Members here must continue to remain active or face the possibility of demotion to Master.

Code for Sith Council Members

Description: The Sith Council Members, one of the nine Council Members, are the highest ranking members of the Council. They run the site through a democratic system in which each Council Member has one vote. This Council is made up of two types of members. Lifelong Members: There are five lifetime members: Lords Bane, Kracor, Nyne, Scyrone, and Trivas. They are members until they abuse their power or resign their position. These five were part of the site the longest and have helped found it so they were rewarded with the lifelong position. Lord Nyne is the Administrator who maintains the Forum and finances most of it. Elected Members: The other four positions are held for two month terms. Whenever a spot is open, the Council discusses whom is worthy to fill it. They vote to determine who is most worthy. Members that receive a majority vote are approached and offered the position. They then serve for two months after which, they must be re-elected by the rest of the Sith Council Members. As of now, there are no limitations on term limits meaning a temporary Council Member may hold their seat as long as they remain active and devoted.

Privileges: Council Members may access any Forum and are Moderators of the Masters, Apprentices, and Prospects Forums and they can play games. Council Members have the ability to make considerable changes to the Council site by proposing different rules, regulations, or changes to the site. They also vote on issues ranging from promoting or demoting members to what sub forums are needed.

Goals: Council Members should always be trying to help build up the Sith and the Council Site. They cannot reach a higher position, but they should always be working on keeping things in order and improving the site.

Minimum Requirements: Council Members have no real requirements, but typically only Masters will be asked to join. If an elected or temporary Member does not participate during their term, they may be removed and replaced with a more active and devoted member. This is a group that selects members by invite only. The voting is done in secret, you will not be notified until you have been fully elected. DO NOT ask to join the Council, the Council will contact you.

Conduct in the Site: Since Council Members are in such a high position, they are heavily watched. Due to this attention, they must conduct themselves to the highest standards of this site. Council Members have moderating abilities in most Forums. Any abuse of these powers will be dealt with by execution and removal from the site. Being a Council Member also garners respect and authority. If any Council Member abuses this respect or authority, they risk being demoted to Master or Adept, depending on the severity of the offense.

Conduct Towards Other Members: If any member of the site contacts a Council Member for any reason, the Council Member is to respond as soon as the message is received. Council Members should greet all new members through PM's if possible and help them with questions. If any member, from the highest Masters to the lowest Adepts, bring up any grievance or problem, the Council Member should reply and investigate the charge. If possible, the Council Member is to handle the problem as fairly and quickly as possible. If they find the matter serious enough, they should bring it before the entire Council to be decided upon.

Conduct Towards Each Other: Due to extenuating circumstances, it is possible that Council Members will be away from the Site for long periods of time or will only be able to rarely access it for months at a time. While this is not encouraged, if proper notification and contacts, either through conversations, e-mails, or phone calls with other Council Members or periodic visits, occur, this is not cause for removal from the Sith Council. Provisions have been made for contact to continue. If an temporary Council Member must take a long period of absence, they may need to sit out a term or two. If the member is gone for over a month and has not contacted the council in any way, the council may vote to remove the member.