The Second Nymean Fleet is the largest of the five Nymean fleets. It is composed of many Nymean Star Destroyers and several other capital ships. Several dozen frigates and hundreds of smaller support vessels are also part of the fleet.

The fleet was one of two fleets that took part in the Battle of Borleias and was decimated. With such losses, Trivas ordered the two fleets merged into the Second Fleet. Most of the fresh reinforcements constructed later in the War were added to the Second Fleet. The single biggest addition to the Second Fleet was when dozens of ships were added from recalled ships loaned to the Ni'novian Empire during the War. With no further war and tensions rising around what became the Sith Revolution, the Council of El'iadar and Eliana demanded to have the ships returned as was promised when they were loaned. The Second Fleet was heavily involved in the Vagaari War and fought well in the Laonex Ambush.

The fleet commander is Fleet Admiral Nuncav who replaced the assassinated Setran. The flagship is the Valiant Justice.