After the Ryric Rebellion, the Second Sith Council was formed. This included Lords Bane, Kracor, Nyne, Scyrone, and Trivas and Lady Lilith. Also, during this time, it was decided that there would need to be a Supreme Chancellor and a Vice Chancellor to help oversee the growing number of Sith and the swelling ranks of the armies and fleets. Lord Nyne was elected to be Supreme Chancellor and Lord Trivas was elected to be Vice Chancellor.

Out of Character InfoEdit

Due to several events that led up to Ryric, Larsid, and Rica resigning almost at once and leaving the site, it was determined (much later) that they had decided to revolt. Couple that with Draco's no longer coming to the site due to being busy, Kracor and Trivas decided to invent a coup attempt led by the three. To explain his absence and decision to leave the site, Draco's character was killed in this coup.

After their loss and several new members being added to the Council, the site entered a new era. Trivas, when writing the Histories of the Sith Council, decided to start separating the different groups into unique Councils.