During Unick's RuleEdit

Shala was one of the two who met with Lady Bastilla before Unick's fall. She was known as #105 before she chose the name Shala. Shala, a 35 standard years old woman, had a dark skin complication. Her mother and father were both killed by Unick when she was a child. A young man who would later be known as Raus took her in. He protected her and taught her how to move around the underground tunnels with out been found.

Shala helped Raus pass out the food they were given from Bastilla as a gift to show her passion for this decaying planet. She also helped everyone stay in the underground tunnels while Bastilla and her army ran Unick out of the city.

During Bastilla's RuleEdit

Shala became one of the six delegates of Platarious in the Office of Credits. Her office was in change of taxes, prices, economy, and trading with other planets. She was very smart in economy and helped the planet back onto its feet. She works very closely with Quin, Office of the Civilians. And she is still a delegate to this day.