For one not versed in Sith lore, the term "assassin" no doubt brings to mind images of unscrupulous, greedy killers who are morally bankrupt. Those who think this have never met a Blood Assassin. Blood Assassins are deeply spiritual, almost religious, about their craft and behave with the utmost honor and restraint.

The myths of the Blood Assassins originate with Tulak Hord, an almost mythical Sith from the Ancient Sith Empire. More conservative scholars believe the path to have actually originated in the Trayus Academy during Darth Traya’s reign. Regardless of their historic roots, the Blood Assassins are some of the most feared assassins amongst the Sith.

Though they do not focus on the stealthier aspects of the Assassin’s trade, their knowledge of combat makes them truly deadly hunters. In addition, the intense fanaticism common amongst Blood Assassins ensures that they are the most implacable foes one will ever have the misfortune of facing.

One of the most famous of the Blood Assassins was Raziel.