These are the most dangerous of all Sith to a Jedi. They are highly trained and very deadly. These members have not just mastered the Sith arts, but are exceptional even among Masters. There is no higher position that can be attained through normal means for any aspiring Sith other than a seat on the Sith Council. It is now a requirement that only Sith Lords are able to sit on the Council.

Out of Character InfoEdit

Originally, the idea of Sith Lords was very unpopular among some members, namely Nyne. Those in favor of the rank wanted a special way for people who were Masters but had been on the site for a long time to be rewarded for their service with a new rank. Eventually, through much arguing and dispute, it was decided that the position would be opened up when three people met the requirements for the rank.

The requirements of the rank are that a member must have at least 500 posts, been a Master for a month, and trained at least one Apprentice fully.