The Sith Occultists is an assemblage of magicians and alchemists under the leadership of Lord Scyrone. The Occultists were actually considered a school of some sort and taught people of the dark arts of the ancient Sith and Krath.

The Occultists were meant to be an organization that focused on militarian tactics and defense as well as "the freakish ways to envelop one's self in the dark, maniacal, shredded ways of the dark arts" (quoted by Scyrone).

The central location of the Sith Occultists base was on the planet of Mondock (a planet beyond the Unknown Regions). Although Occultists did not have to train there, most of the members would have had to at least gone there once to receive recognition of being an Occultist.

Unfortunately the leader, Darth Scyrone, had individual problems and had to stop all teachings and schooling in the Occultists. The group has since been disbanded after the problems surrounding the Sith Revolution.


  • Sith Magic
  • Sith Alchemy
  • Sith Chemistry
  • The Knowledge
  • Diplomacy

One thing to note is that other courses were also thought of being developed. Two courses Scyrone wanted to add to the Occultists was the practice of poisons and medicine (Medicine) and piloting and repairing (Piloting).


  • Practitioner (beginner)
  • Cultist (practice of Magic)
  • Alchemist (practice of Alchemy)
  • Scientist (practice of Chemistry)
  • Creator (practice of Knowledge)
  • Ambassador (practice of Diplomacy)
  • Heretic (practiced everything and lead principal)

Originally there was a position between Heretic and the middle ranks (called Elite) but the rank was taken away for the reason that it was felt that no one would make it to the rank for the time being. Scyrone also didn't want people rushing through their training just to make it to the Elite rank.