Unick's RuleEdit

Unick, a rich and powerful dictator, ruled the people of Platarious before Bastilla's rule. He ruled with control, fear, and power. He was in control of the people's food source. He had an army that would kill anyone who even looked at him funny. If anyone stood out against him they were killed. He gave everyone besides him self-numbers, and made them slaves to build unnecessary treasures for him self. Unick had a shaved head, and wore a headpiece of gold to show his power. Unick was 62 standard years old when he died.

Unick's FallEdit

A Sith Lady named Bastilla came to his planet and over threw him, giving the power to the people. Unick along with his followers fled the city. They planed to take it back by killing anyone that they saw. They kidnapped two delegates Raus and Shala. He tortured the two of them until they nearly died. He kept them alive to hold them for a false ransom: Bastilla would leave the planet and never return and the two of them would be free to live. Unick would have killed them anyway, however his plan failed when Bastilla's apprentice, Vexen, killed him.